Decentralized co-creation community of wine creators


Decentralized co-creation community of wine creators aims to connect producers, customers, researchers, and regulatory bodies to develop a flexible platform for the integration and analysis of data from multiple sources, in order to enable a plethora of services and tools to support decision making for all agents involved in the management chain of the wine sector.

Initiate global transition to regenerative agriculture

by establishing ecological standards for wine sector, reducing production and increasing the quality and sustainability of wine creation with full digital certification of the process at all steps.

Objectives & Goals

Why co-creators community?

Combining experiences and sharing knowledge between different actors with Actionable Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs concept with a transparent and fair rules realized in blockchain.

A scalable network of sensors and cameras for remote sensing connected with satellite data and weather stations for massive data collection provide unique combination of parameters to irrevocably set a digital footprint of the wine quality certified with a digital certificate.

Digital register of operations, tracing weather conditions and soil quality in blockchain provide unambiguous set of parameters to provide a digital trust between actors: producers, researchers, markets, banks and policymakers that allows to protect the label, certify biological agriculture, Designation of Origin (DOC), de-risking the food chain process, trustful connection with banks and insurance companies.

Jointly created databases relate physico-chemical characteristics of soil, microbial and fungal metagenomics, biodiversity, green cover, phenological state of plant growth

Early warning system analyzing critical parameters from sensors and cameras provides personalized advices and warnings

Direct connection through a decentralized community with many actors across the world provides great visibility and trust between actors.


Data flow


Data collection

Sensors, cameras and weather stations recording real data 


 Digital footprint of wine quality

Key parameters reflecting wine quality are extracted and recorded in a well structured harmonized machine-oriented database


Certification in blockchain

Register and certification of wine creation process using blockchain and distributed ledger technologies


Different actors - Different needs

Actionable Intelligence concept provides flexible collective co-creation 

Informed decision making with valorization feedback and certification of wine quality


Access to uniform machine-oriented standardized and harmonized databases ready for machine learning analysis.

Food chain actors

Digitally certified wine creation process with digital footprint of wine quality.

Policy makers

ISO standardization and control of wine quality in the production chain.

Decentralized co-creation community of wine experts