About WineCreators


Quantification of the wine quality and valorization of the art of wine creation process is one of the most challenging tasks for the wine industry.

WineCreators Decentralized multidisciplinary community of creators address this task with the concept of multidisciplinary co-creation and knowledge sharing based on recent developments of Actionable Intelligence concept and implemented with Distributed Ledger and Blockchain technologies.

Tokenized processes and collective governance are some of the game-changing features of decentralized, multi-party, multi-actor cooperative systems that provides immense possibilities for collective creativity.

This platform allows high quality producers to digitally certify their art of making wine, protect the label of high quality, certify ecological standards, and facilitate the access to foreign markets with digitally proven certificates registered through blockchain.

1. Tokenization of wine quality

The tokenization and digital certification with established ISO standards of knowledge related to the wine creation process. Recorded and tokenized digital track can ensure the origin and processes in the production, but also to compare producers and products and predict the quality of wine using objective criteria of big data analysis using artificial intelligence algorithms.

2. Uniform standardized databases

Creation of uniform machine-oriented standardized and harmonized databases related to wine quality, prepared for machine learning analysis. Standardization of data inputs provides immense possibilities for upscaling and expansion of the platform across European vineries.

3. Self-cognizant collective creativity

Realisation of Actionable Intelligence through the concept of Knowledge Graphs and implementation of the Research Governance platform using recent advances in blockchain and Decentralized Ledger technology. Novel combination of concepts such as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), machine-oriented harmonized data, federated learning, Distributed Digital Innovation (DDI) involving flexible solutions for "dynamic problem–solution design pairing".

4. Early-warning system

Provides instant feedback to producers in the form of a visual information allowing to monitor processed information from different sources. With this knowledge disease-fighting and plant-treatment solutions can be optimized and targeted.

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Data Collection

Construction of multiple structured shared databases related to historical data, soil quality, weather and microbiology.

Early warning system

A system that enables the online monitoring of the farming process and status in form of alarms and recommendations for the optimization of the wine growing process.


Objective tokenized digital signature of wine quality and the corresponding wine art growing processes registered through blockchain.

Certification and standardization

Blockchain certification ensures authenticity, provenance, immutability and integrity of all data introduced in the system.

Decentralized co-creation community of wine experts